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Load Characteristics

TEXTILE INDUSTRY: Textron spinning machines, dryers, stretchers, purification machines, spinning machines, twisting machines, woolen cards, sizing, machines warping machines, washing machines, stenters, automatic thread handling machines, tricot machines, dying machines etc.

PLASTIC INDUSTRY: Extruding machines, moldings machines, coolers, embossers, cutters etc.

CHEMICAL INDUSTRY: Agitators, reactor tanks, pumps rubber making machines etc.

CERAMIC INDUSTRY : Automatic cement weighing and packing machines, glass making machines, annealinning furnaces etc.

PAPER AND PULP INDUSTRY: Paper machines, filters, culters coating machines, coilers, corrugating machines, cellophane casting machines slitters etc.

ELECTRIC WIRE INDUSTRY: Wire twisting machines, rolling machines, coilers, extruding machines etc.

CONVEYORS: Assembly conveyors, painting conveyors, etc.

AGITATORS AND MIXERS: Liquid, semi-liquid, liquids, variable density.

BLOWERS: Centrifugal, vane, Lobe.

CRANCE HOISTS CRUSHERS ELEVATORS: Bucket – uniform load, Bucket-heavy load, Bucket-cont. Load, Centrifugal discharge, Gravity discharge.

FOOD INDUSTRY: Beet slicer, cereal cooker

SUGAR INDUSTRY: Cane knives, Crushers, Mills

OIL INDUSTRY: Chillers, Rotary kilns


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