PIV Conical Disc

Our P.I.V are always precise – Because It Never Slip / Slide
Our P.I.V Never Slip / Slide – Because It has Chain Drive


The P.I.V Conical Disc for the PIV Chain are formed by four flanged wheel which have the hardest surfaces obtainable in steel.

The P.I.V Conical Disc for the P.I.V chain are made of EN series raw material shape like Cone type which is machined on CNC Turning machine and teeth on its surface made by VMC machine for accurate teeth formation in curved surface of Conical Disc. These teeth are made from top of diameter to bottom diameter of conical disc on surface with perfect depth and increased in diamater at top of disc circumference of the Disc.

Its very hard to produce?

Yes, very difficult then to make straight faced disc

An extra care is taken finally to achieve good hardness and temper in HRC

Yes the reason why P.I.V can’t slip : This is call P.I.V always precise, always positive – always super to use where industries required variable speed control and positive power transmission.

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