Timing Pulley & Chain Sprocket

Timing pulleys are used in applications where exact power needs to be transmitted with exact speed and gear ratios. These pulleys are used in diesel engines and automotive engines. Timing pulleys look like spur gears and have teeth that have pitch with specific diameter. They drive timing belts of the same pitch. The tooth forms are trapezoidal or curvilinear and are machined on hobbing or shaping machines. Plastic molded timing pulleys are finch molded with the required tooth form.


The timing pulleys reduce belt creep to a minimal level. They are available in metric and inch units. The design of the timing pulleys begins with treating the two timing pulleys as meshing gears. In a system, there will be driver pulley and a driven pulley. Side flanges are also provided to eliminate any side movement of the belt when it is rotating. Timing pulleys are made of light materials such as aluminum, plastic or cast iron. They are hub or shaft mounted with precision ball bearings.

Timing pulleys are selected per the speed ratio required, diametrical pitch, diameter of the driven and driver pulley, distance between them, power to be transmitted and other details.

We are manufacturers, suppliers and exporters of a synchronous range of timing belt pulleys.


In the classical range the timing belt pulley drives are available in following pitch sizes with a choice of pulley widths and materials per size…

Pitch sizes available
» 0.08″ M X L
» 0.20″ XL
» 3/8″ L
» 1/2″ H
» T5
» T10
» AT5
» AT10

“High Torque” synchronous drives
are available in the following sizes

» 3mm HTD
» 5mm HTD
» 8mm HTD
» 8mm SHTD
» 14mm HTD
» 14mm SHTD

The high torque drives transmit higher power compared to the other synchronous drives resulting in a more compact drive system.
The synchronous pulleys are available in a pilot bore, finished bore with a key-way or with taper bores suitable for the taper-lock bush.
The material of construction are in steel, cast iron or aluminum.
We shall be pleased to quote for the non standard supply of synchronous pulleys.

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